EaseUS MakeMyAudio

All-in-One Audio Manegement Tool for Everyone

  • Record audio whenever you want to
  • Edit audio in any way you like
  • Convert audio to another format
  • Convert videos to MP3 files
  1. monthly subscription $39.95
  2. yearly subscription $59.95
  3. lifetime upgrades $79.95

Manage Audio in Any Way You Need

Audio Recorder

  • Record internal sounds on a computer.
  • Record sounds from apps and websites on a computer.
  • Record voices from a microphone.
  • Customize audio recording plans.

Audio Editor

  • Cut audio to get your favorite part.
  • Clip audio segments.
  • Join multiple audio files.
  • Adjust the speed and volume of the audio.
  • Add special effects to the audio files.

Audio/Video Converter

  • Convert one audio format to another.
  • Convert videos to MP3.

Take More Control Over Your Audio Files

Add or Edit ID3 Tags

The ID3 Tag Editor is here to help when you need to chage the title, artist, album, track number, and other information about the MP3 file.

Transfer Ringtones to iTunes

When you want to use custom ringtones on your iPhone, you have to create it yourself. EaseUS audio toolkit not only allows you to make an audio file as your iPhone ringtone but also helps you to transfer the ringtone to iTunes so that you can sync it to your iPhone.

Rip Music from CDs

Want to rip music from CDs so that you can enjoy music more freely? The CD Ripper works to rip CD tracks to various formats, including WMA, MP3, OGG, FLAC, APE and WAV.

Burn CDs

Like you need to rip CDs, there are times when you need to burn a CD with your favorites songs. With the CD Burner, you will be able to burn audio files to blank CDs. Afterward, you can listen to these songs with any device/machine that has a CD drive.

User Guide

EaseUS MakeMyAudio

A combination of everything you need to manage audio files.

  1. monthly subscription $39.95
  2. yearly subscription $59.95
  3. lifetime upgrades $79.95